Brass Cable Glands & Glands Accessories

Earth Tag

Material - Brass, Aluminum & Copper


*Means of connection or an earth bond-around the cable gland.

*Available in various shapes & in all sizes.

*Ensure earth continuity between the electrical equipment & the gland.

*Can be coated or plated as per Customer Specification.

Size (mm or inches) Product Code
20 mm or 3/4" AGA - LN-20
25 mm or 1" AGA - LN-25
32 mm or 1.1/4" AGA - LN-32
40 mm or 1.1/4" AGA - LN-40
50 mm or 2" AGA - LN-50
63 mm or 2.1/2" AGA - LN-63
75 mm or 3" AGA - LN-75
88 mm or 3.1/2" AGA - LN-88
Cable Glands

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